OSCE in Bosnia seeks senior-level Legal Adviser on War Crimes & Rule of Law

osceFrom my former student Christopher Engels, head of Judicial and Legal Reform Section of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, comes news that his section welcomes applications for the position of Legal Adviser on War Crimes and the Rule of Law.

The Sarajevo-based OSCE Mission is seeking a senior-level person – someone with at least 6 years’ professional experience and, preferably, an advanced degree in human rights or international humanitarian law. The person chosen “will be responsible for providing targeted advice … on issues concerning legal reform needs of the criminal justice system” in Bosnia, “particularly with regards to the ability of the court system to process war crimes cases and other highly sensitive cases effectively, efficiently and according to international human rights standards.” (credit for collage at Mission’s Facebook site)

Details may be found in the complete version of the job notice, here. Deadline for applications is March 27, 2013.