d4This post begins a new chapter.

After nearly 6 years of founding, editing, and contributing to an online forum for hundreds of voices on international law, policy, practice – IntLawGrrls blog – it’s time to go solo.

When the spirit moves, I’ll be posting about matters on which I choose to comment. The occasional posts will be inspired by my work as the Emily and Ernest Woodruff Chair in International Law at the University of Georgia School of Law and as the Special Adviser on Children in Armed Conflict for the International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor; however, all will be presented solely in my personal capacity. (credit for image, from Book of Kells)

Your visits (to this site or the connected Twitter and LinkedIn pages), and your comments, will be most welcome.

5 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Congratulations, Diane. Sorry to see IntLawGrrls close, but looking forward to the wonderful things you will certainly be doing with the ICC!

  2. Congratulations, Diane! You’re an inspiration to us all! Thank you for IntLawGrrls, and I look forward to following you here.

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