Ideas sought now for 2014 joint meeting of ASIL & International Law Association

Next April international lawyers will be treated to an unusual event: the 108th annual meeting of the D.C.-based American Society of International Law will be held jointly with the 76th Biennial Conference of the London-based International Law Association, which has branches in the United States (that is, the American Branch) and throughout the world. The event will take place April 7-12, 2014,  at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, a block or so east of the White House; the conference hotel will be the J.W. Marriott nearby.

The theme for the event, “The Effectiveness of International Law,” is described in detail here.

Chairing the joint Program Committee will be Professors Oona Hathaway of Yale Law, Larry Johnson of Columbia Law, and Fionnuala Ní Aoláin of Minnesota Law. They’ve put out a call for session topic ideas. Here’s an excerpt:

asil_logoThe aim of the joint conference is to promote discussion of important topics by including a range of voices and perspectives. To this end, the Program Committee will draw on the submissions process as it identifies important topics and knowledgeable speakers. Drawing on members’ suggestions, the Program Committee will create a program with the following goals in mind:

1. Ensurimagesing coverage of a wide range of important topics of current interest.

2. Ensuring wide participation by individuals from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives (for example, to the extent possible, including in each session both academics and practitioners, both women and men, and those of different nationalities and perspectives).

Abila3. Ensuring a place in the program for some sessions organized by ASIL Interest Groups and ILA Committees or Study Groups.

4. Ensuring a vibrant exchange of ideas through the use of innovative program formats.

Deadline for suggestions for keynotes, roundtables, panels, New Voices sessions, etc., is soon – Friday, June 21 – and must be made via the online form available here.

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