Oslo Law invites papers for conference on legitimacy & international criminal law

Having accepted a kind invitation to speak at a Norway conference on international criminal justice next year, I’m pleased to give notice of the call for papers.

psloOrganized by my IntLawGrrls colleague, Professor Cecilia M. Bailliet, as part of the PluriCourts project, the conference will be held August 30-31, 2014, at the University of Oslo Faculty of law. Called “The Legitimacy and Effectiveness of International Criminal Courts,” the conference will explore empirical, normative, comparative or theoretical approaches to the study of international criminal tribunals. Contributions from law and social science, including philosophy, sociology, criminology, psychology and history, are welcomed. As detailed in the full call for papers, overall topics may include:

► Fairness, application of legal standards, and the relationship to the Security Council

► Evaluating the effectiveness of international criminal tribunals

► Cross-fertilization of international criminal tribunals with other regimes and complementarity

► Funding and legitimacy challenges

Deadline for paper proposals is November 1, 2013. Full call for papers here; hope to see you there.

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