“Art of Peace Making”: September conference in Utrecht & The Hague

peace - Copy“The Art of Peace Making: Lessons Learned from Peace Treaties” is the name of an upcoming Netherlands conference marking 2 big international law anniversaries, the centennial of the Peace Palace and the tricentennial of the Peace of Utrecht. Cosponsors are the Carnegie Foundation, the University of Leiden, and the University of Utrecht; sessions will be held on September 19 at Utrecht and on September 20 at the Peace Palace Academy Hall in The Hague.

Examined in addition to the 1713 Peace of Utrecht – a set of treaties that helped bring  an end to protracted wars in Europe – will be the 1919 Versailles Treaty that ended World War I, the 1995 Dayton Accords related to the former Yugoslavia, and the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that led eventually to the establishment of the independent state of South Sudan. The effects of the absence of peace treaties also will be discussed.

Speakers, from Europe and Australia, will include: Martii Koskenniemi of the University of Helsinki; Jaap de Hoop Scheffer of peaceLeiden University, formerly the Secretary-General of NATO; and Sarah Nouwen of Cambridge University. Many other experts will contribute perspectives, not only from law, but also from fields such as history and international relations.

Full program, other details, and registration available here.

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