Senate draft on US use of force in Syria

Capitol-SenateThe newly released draft of what the Senate calls the “Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against the Government of Syria to Respond to Use of Chemical Weapons” is, well, longer than the President’s version. The objectives remain quite broad; indeed, the terms of this draft seem to contemplate more than a single strike. Differences on 1st glance in this version, expected to be the basis of Senate debate today:

► Deletion of the President’s preambular reference to “international norms,” counterbalanced a few paragraphs down with a list of treaties;

► Requirement that the President deliver his determination of necessity to high-ranking Senators and Representatives, plus other reports to and consults with Congress; and

► More references to limitation of scope, including a 90-day sunset on operations, with possibility of a single 30-day extension.

(photo credit; h/t Lawfare for Senate draft)

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