Hague international law academy seeks French-English publications manager

hagueThe 90-year-old Hague Academy of International Law seeks applications for a Publications Manager who will be responsible for a range of publications, including the Recueil des Course/Collected Courses published frequently throughout the year.

Located at the Peace Palace, site also of the International Court of Justice, the Academy organizes Summer Programmes on private and public international law, each featuring multi-day lectures that form the basis of the Recueils. It also sponsors a research Centre for Studies and Research; this year’s topic is “The Rights of Women and Elimination of Discrimination.”

Because the Academy’s events are held in both English and French, the Publications Manager must have, as stated in the vacancy notice, “[t]horough knowledge of French so as to be able to correct at a high level manuscripts that are submitted in French, and active knowledge of English.”

The position will begin on June 30, 2014, upon the retirement of the current Publications Manager. Deadline for applications is January 10, 2014. Details on the position, including supervisorial and other responsibilities, as well as application instructions, are available here.

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