“Shari’a law & military ops” @ Siracusa

207“Shari’a Law and Military Operations” will be the subject of the NATO School/International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences Seminar, to be held November 24-30, 2013. The site will be the headquarters of the Institute in Siracusa – a lovely city on Italy’s island of Sicily, about which I posted a while back.

nato_school_oberammergauThe November gathering will mark the 6th annual joint seminar on this subject. Organizers write that the seminar aims “to provide instruction to military officers, legal advisors, operational planners, political and policy advisors,” but is open to all interested persons. The faculty consists of “internationally pre-eminent scholars on Shari’a.” As detailed in the draft program, topics will include:

► Introduction to Shari’a law
► Islamic Criminal Justice System
► Islamic International Law & International Humanitarian Law
► Shari’a’s Limitations on Jihad & the Use of Force
► Shari’a and Contemporary Post-Conflict & Transitional Justice
► Women’s & Minorities’ Rights
► Operational Issues

Deadline for registering is October 25. Details here.

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